Modern business life often requires that companies and their employees have a competent command of foreign languages. TES Training supports you and your company in achieving the needed competence level quickly and effectively. We offer the following language skills trainings in English (UK/USA), French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and German.


Language for General Business

These training courses focus on general language competencies needed for dealing with international business. Vocabulary, grammar and phraseology which are needed in everyday work situations are tackled using communicative methods and can be put into practice immediately. The participants learn language to do with daily business. Functions such as telephoning, emailing, meetings, and exchanging information and opinions, and are dealt with according to the language level of the group. LGB-Training courses up to level A2 (CEF) normally use a course book while the training materials for higher level groups are put together by us.


Language for Special Purposes

LSP-Trainings are individually programmed and are 100% geared to the specific needs of the participants. They convey the language skills and technical terminology that are relevant in the particular business area and necessary to achieve the defined aims of the training. While focusing on the concrete demands of the participantīs field of work, at the same time they extend overall grammatical competence and business vocabulary. LSP-Trainings follow a practical approach and are suited to individual students or groups who work in the same field of business or the same department. The training materials are individually put together and case studies and company materials are incorporated in the programme.


Telephone Language Training

This training model offers participants maximum time flexibility and provides a solution to the problem of frequent business trips and location difficulties. The telephone sessions are targeted to each participantīs needs. The participants receive the sessionīs material, including pre- and post-session assignments, via email and during the individually arranged telephone session the topics are then completed. With this form of training it is necessary that the participants have at least a good basic command of the language prior to the first session and it can be recommendable to combine the individual training units over the telephone with face to face sessions.


Tool Box

The Tool Box concept combines conversation-based training with coaching. At the end of each topic-focused session the trainer gives detailed feedback highlighting individual language problem areas and giving tips and practical solutions on how to improve the language competence. Tool Box can be used as an effective team-building measure while at the same time activates existing language skills and/or consolidates the already achieved language level.


Cambridge Business English Certificate

BEC Training prepares participants for the internationally recognised Cambridge Business English exam that is run at three levels (Preliminary, Vantage and Higher). The examinations, conducted by the Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate, test the participants in the four main language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The exam preparation syllabus includes a wide range of business vocabulary and functions that are tested in a practical way in the examination.


English in England

On top of its intensive nature an English course in England offers the big advantage of a lenghty period of time in which participants communicate in nothing but English – with a host family as well as during their social activities. For the last few years, TES Training has cooperated successfully with a London-based institute. We take care of the administration and information exchange and act as your direct contact hub in Germany before, during and after the training. Furthermore, we can prepare participants for the language course in London and offer follow-up measures.


Individual Training

This training offers private individuals – on their own or together with friends or colleagues – the opportunity to improve their foreign language skills. Within the individual and flexible framework you can improve your general language, develop specific business skills or prepare for job interviews.

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